Visoglide Plus

One of the first things you notice about a Chigwell Window Centre Visoglide sliding door is the amount of stunning glass area and thin profiles styled with clean aesthetic lines that will work well with the character of most homes.

Sliding Doors

Special sliding mechanisms enable even the largest sashes to slide open and closed smoothly, whatever their size. When closed these large sliding doors form a thermally efficient glass façade, a wonderful way to flood a space with light and enjoy beautiful views.

Visoglide’s aluminium profiles are styled with an attractive modern aesthetic with signature strong lines that balance the quality of the large sashes.

The middle panels where the sliding doors meet is just 35mm (slim interlock) wide and this is one of the slimmest central profiles in a sliding door on the market while remaining stable, and secure. An 83mm standard interlock is also available.

Visoglide sliding doors deliver optimum performance and are tested to the highest standards to guarantee reliability. The strong thermally broken aluminium sections enable the creation of dramatic sliding sashes with large glass areas without reducing thermal or weather resistance.

The thermal performance of aluminium sections is enhanced with Polyamide thermal barrier technology, enabling Visoglide doors to exceed the performance requirements of current building regulations.

Sliding sashes will accept a range of glazing options, including double or triple glazed units.

Visoglide is available in a huge range of powder coated paint colours and finishes, including dual colour and metallic paint options.

Smarts Visoglide Plus Sliding Door System – Overview

  • Contemporary & Sleek, with ultra slim sight lines of 35mm Slim Interlock, 83mm Standard Interlock, 52mm Outer Frame
  • Super Insulated, aluminium profiles are thermally broken with enhanced use of polyamide (thermal break) to improve thermal performance without compromising on the stability and robustness of the overall system
  • Effortless to Operate, the door system incorporates the use of stainless steel rollers resulting in ease of operation
  • Robust & Durable, the sliding door system is designed to accommodate for the domestic and commercial markets and can cater for unconventional sized panels (large apertures)

  • Compliant, exceeding the latest requirements for building regulations and insurance requirements

  • Secure, multi point locking with standard lever handles or off-set ‘D’ handles, integrated with 3 star diamond locking ABS cylinders

  • Guaranteed, as standard the Smarts Visoglide Plus series sliding door includes for a 10 years manufacturer’s warranty.

Smarts Visoglide Plus Sliding Door System – Specification


Maximum sliding door height. 2500mm

Maximum sliding door width.  2000mm, other larger sizes based upon installation, wind loadings and site conditions.

Threshold Sizes

52mm deep for double and triple track sliding doors.

Frame Depth

116mm wide on double track sliding doors.

183mm wide on triple track sliding doors.

Frame Cills

Where sliding doors are required to sit on a cill, a choice of 155mm, 190mm, or 225mm cills are available. All cills, 25mm high.

Sliding Door Sash

Visoglide sliding doors with a square profile contemporary sash. Interlock options are standard 83mm or slimline 35mm on both inline and lift and slide opening options. Door sashes come with square line bead, 28mm units as standard.